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Let's face it, home automation is a big part of our lives now. It's only a matter of time before everything we own, drive, and see is automated somehow. Add A Motor, INC is one of the first steps toward automating your home and lifestyle. Whether in a residential or business setting, we can help you automate with a clean and innovative look.

Save money and energy with drapery motors

The Model 80 & Model 800RC motors are designed to automate window coverings such as drapes, shades, and blinds. Automation of a window covering can conserver energy that otherwise would be susceptible to conditions outside the window. This also increases your home security by automating the times window shades, drapes, or blinds open and close on a daily basis (even when your not home). 

Model 800RC (Remote Controlled Drapery Motor)
129.95 149.95

The Model 800RC  is a remote controlled drapery motor. Run your drapery or blinds at the click of a button. With a 200 foot range remote, this kits operates your blinds easily.

Simply open the blinds or drapes all the way or stop them early to allow partial light through.

This is the simplest drapery motor design on the market. Incredibly easy for everyone to setup and use.

This is a very compact unit and the white coloring gives a clean interior install appearance. One year parts limited warranty.

Motor spec's: 120volts 60herts 19watts.

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Model 80T (Drapery Motor with Timer)
114.95 119.95

Model 80 can control drapery or vertical rotating blinds that open and close sideways, in either direction.

This is the simplest drapery motor design on the market. Incredibly easy for everyone to setup and use. Simply remove the cord pulley from your drapery or vertical blind.

The motor fits in existing cord loop without modification. Model 80 is a very compact unit. Installation hardware included.  One year parts limited warranty. 

Motor spec's: 120volts 60herts 19watts.

Timer Included

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Model D20 (Chicken Door Motor)

Connects to any type chicken coop door (wood, metal, or plastic) to make it "automatic".

Installs in about 15 minutes. Includes motor, mounting hardware, universal door connector, AC power adapter, & illustrated instructions included. Works like a reversible motorized fishing reel.

Opens and closes door smoothly in a few seconds. Fully adjustable motor open and closes to the positions you set.

No counter-weight needed. Motor can lift and lower a door up to 10 pounds, with door openings up to 25 inches or more. It is also compatible with any timer you might wish to use. One-year parts warranty. 

Motor spec's: 120volts 60herts 19watts.

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Manufactured in USA

One year parts limited warranty included with the purchase of any motor.

Refund Policy: If not satisfied, return within 30 days for refund.

We are committed to keeping your motor running for many years to come.

Even if your motor is 20 years old, we have repair parts you can install yourself easily.

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Envious Technology  www.envioustechnology.com.au


AARtech Canada Home Automation  www.aartech.ca

RobotShop, Inc.  www.robotshop.ca

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Intellihome BE  www.intellihome.be