chicken coop motor


                                   MODEL D20 MOTOR FOR SLIDING LIFT DOOR


                                               Motor easily connects to your coop door and

                                               automatically opens it every morning and

                                               closes it at night.  Installs in minutes.


                                               Plug motor into your lamp timer switch and

                                               the rest is automatic.  It saves you time

                                               everyday and can help protect your hens

                                               and eggs.  $89.95 to $99.95.


                                                                 No AC power ... No problem!  Use a battery.

                                                                                    Details below.


                                                                                                          Made in the USA from domestic and imported components.




  • Connects to any type coop door: wood, metal, plastic.  Install in about 15 minutes.

  • Includes motor, mounting hardware, universal door connector, AC-DC Adapter, illustrated instructions.

  • Works like a reversible motorized fishing reel.  Opens and closes door smoothly in a few seconds.

  • Fully adjustable motor stops door at open and closed positions you set.  No counter-weight needed.

  • Motor can lift and lower a door up to 10 pounds, with door openings up to 25 inches or more.

  • Plug-in ready to your lamp timer switch.  It is also X-10 compatible.

  • One-year warranty ... plus “our commitment to keep your motor running for years after the warranty by stocking low cost repair parts that you can easily install”.




  • You decide what time your chicken coop door opens and closes – thereafter it’s automatic!

  • Sleep a little later.  The D20 opens the door each morning allowing your hens to feed or free-range on their own.

  • If you arrive home late, or if the weather is so poor you can’t attend your coop on-time, relax because chickens enter the coop about the same time every day, and the D20 will automatically close the door at the time you set.

  • You can also set multiple door openings and closings each day.  This can benefit in several ways.  It can influence egg production by exposing hens to longer periods of daylight by preventing them from re-entering the coop too soon.  It can foil small predators that sneak-in to steal eggs after your hens are out.  And, it can help manage heat inside the coop.    

  • Raccoons, fox, dogs, cats, coyotes, etc. eventually give up and go elsewhere. 




“I can leave my chickens for the weekend and not worry.”   Steve, Vermont


“My chickens make a ruckus if I don't open the door on time, and then my neighbors complain.

        My problem is that I can't get up at that hour because of my work schedule.  I really appreciate the

        good sleep that I now get because of my new motor.”   Cindy, California


“My husband gave it to me as a gift.   I thought it was silly but now I’d never give it up.”   Robin, Texas


“Nice product … saves me time … and I don’t lose sleep wondering if I closed the door.”   Jack, Missouri


“I work on machinery that must operate in a dirty environment.  My chicken coop gets gunky too so I didn’t expect  the

        motor to last.  After some years it finally quit.  I called thinking I had to buy a new motor but your rep diagnosed the

        problem.  I only had to buy a $9 part and repaired it myself.  Now it’s back at work and good to go.  Thank you”  

       DJ, Louisiana


“I don’t lose chickens and eggs to varmints like I used to.  Motor paid for itself in a few months.”   Meg, Oregon


“The battery feature is quite satisfactory given no electric power at our hen house.”   Edward, England




door materials & PLANS ... control switches ... automatic night light/security system


1, materials   We recommend coop door and frames made from stabilized wood products, plexiglas, aluminum, marine plywood, or 2-side tempered masonite.  These materials offer trouble free operation.  Maximum: 10 pounds.


2. predator-resistant door - particularly raccoons - metal doors have advantage

Visit following website, scroll down and click any drawing to enlarge it for detail and dimensions.  You do not need all design features shown, but definitely add a 2-inch high horizontal lip (not shown) at bottom so that the bottom edge of your door closes snuggly behind the lip, seals out wind, and prevents predators from lifting the door from the outside.





dusk-to-dawn timers do NOT work correctly.  They can give a false dusk signal that locks your chickens out overnight.


We recommend lamp timer switches.  Our favorite is a digital timer with battery backup because it will save your settings and correct time-of-day during a power outage (battery does not run motor).  Some are “astronomic” and automatically adjust to daylight savings time changes.  We also like rotary dial timers that are inexpensive, easy to use and reliable.


4. Automatic night light   FREE PLANS ... Automatic night light and security system for your coop.

Here is how it works, and how it can help you:

  • When the D20 motor closes your coop door, an exterior light automatically switches ON.

  • The light can be seen from a great distance and provides visual confirmation that the door is closed.

  • Area around coop is lit so that you can see if predators are around.

  • Light automatically switches OFF when motor opens the door.

  • Works with or without motor.  Light turns ON and OFF if door is opened and closed manually.

Click here for free plans



A Universal Power Supply (UPS) can give you peace of mind.  Sometimes called a computer backup power

supply, these devices are not expensive and can keep your chicken coop door opening and closing even during power

interruptions.  Here is how it works ...


The UPS plugs into the AC electric outlet in your coop.  You plug your timer switch into the UPS, and then plug the

D20 motor into your timer.  The UPS constantly passes AC power directly to your timer to keep it running as normal. 


But if your AC power goes OFF, the UPS automatically goes to work.  Inside the UPS is a battery, plus a sensor that

monitors your AC power supply.  When AC power goes OFF, the sensor instantly detects it and automatically converts

battery power to AC power to keep your timer running.  It can supply AC power for hours even while your motor is

running.  So, if AC power goes OFF when your coop door is supposed to open or close, everything will still work as

you scheduled.  When AC power comes back ON, the battery is recharged and ready for the next power outage.


UPS devices are readily available at Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples and on-line.  Wal-Mart offers a 450VA UPS

Model BE450G.  The higher the VA or Watt rating (600VA is more power than 450VA), the longer period of time the

UPS will keep things running.  Staples offer CyberPower Model CP625HG which has 625VA.  Shop around for best

deal ... but do not buy used.  If the power in your area goes off for only short periods of time, you probably don't

need a UPS.  However, if power goes off frequently for an hour or more, or is unpredictable, a UPS can give you

peace of mind and keep your chickens safe.













    12 volt Battery & charger    Supplier:     In Search Window enter “IK-018049”


 12-volt Timers:   Check price and availability of following

    Model TM619-12            Supplier:                  Tel: 1-888-874-6280   

    Model BRX1224PTS1      Supplier:                    Tel: 1-305-433-4434

    Model The Timer            Supplier:     Tel: 1-361-798-1530    

    Model Redneck Digital    Supplier:     Tel: 1-361-798-1530  


 Solar Charger:              

    12 volt Solar Charger     Supplier:                  In Search Window enter “38-830-842-00”   


Note: Many of the above components were successfully used to operate D20 motors in remote areas.  We added a 12 volt solar charger and our battery remained fully charged.  Without solar charger, battery needed monthly charging; more often in winter and northern geographic locations.

Correct Timer: Never use a 12-volt timer that has "Adjustable (low, med, hi) motor speed control".

Correct Battery:  12-volt, minimum 8Ah.  Note: the higher the Ah, the more dependable the battery will be.

Correct Solar Charger:  12-volt to 18-volt, 1 Watt to 2 Watts.



SHIPPING AND available models


We ship throughout the world.  Our motors can be used in any country regardless of AC electric power supply or socket.  The following examples are what we supply and what you may need depending on your location.


We will send you an email confirmation of your order, and a second email when it ships.  Domestic orders usually ship within 24 hours by Priority Mail so you can expect to receive your motor in just a few days



How to Order ... For desired Model, press "Add To Cart" once.  Wait until secure link is established.



Model D20 for use in USA ... Canada ... Mexico



Model D20 with AC-DC Adapter: $99.95.

Included Adapter requires plugs into standard AC outlet.  D20 motor can also be operated by optional 12-volt battery.  Priority Mail = $9.90


Canada and Mexico.  Orders shipped uninsured mail.  If you required insurance, please specify on Order Page in Comment Section.  Shipping rates:

Uninsured First Class Mail = $15.65 (10 to 12 days delivery).

Insured First Class Mail = $31.50 (6 to 10 days delivery).



Model D20-X for use in Australia ... Europe



Model D20-X: $89.95.  Customer supplies AC-DC Adapter or 12-volt battery and timer.


Requires 12-volt battery or AC-DC Adapter with 12-volts DC, 1 Amp, unregulated output, with round plug 5.5-mm OD x 2.1-mm ID, center-positive (a common Adapter and plug worldwide).


Australia and Europe.  Orders shipped uninsured mail.  If you required insurance, please specify on Order Page in Comment Section. Shipping rates:

Uninsured First Class Mail = $18.50 (10 to 14 days delivery).

Insured First Class Mail = $49.80 (6 to 10 days delivery).



We accept AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.


Product Questions

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