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    Modernize your patio umbrella!


Now you can add remote control to an existing patio umbrella.  The Model 154RC is easy to install, and costs only $79.95.  The “no-aim” remote control has a 40' range that penetrates wall and glass so you can open and close your umbrella from indoors during inclement weather and windy days.


        Approved for:


o       New and existing patio and market umbrellas.

o       Metal and wood poles.

o       Canopies up to 9-feet in diameter.

o       Square, round or rectangular canopies.

o       Umbrellas with hand-crank.

o       Umbrellas with pull-rope.

o       Umbrellas with manual lift-lower.


Text Box: Low voltage DC motor opens and closes patio umbrellas.
Text Box: Also includes touch-switch motor control at tabletop level.

        Model 154RC includes:


o       Low voltage motor.  Motor does not show when umbrella closed.

o       Remote control and battery.

o       Touch switch control at tabletop level.

o       Illustrated instructions.  One-year warranty.

o       UL Listed AC-DC Adapter with extra long 25-foot cord. 

       The cord is thin and can thread through patio table hole

       from the underside, fitting neatly alongside the pole.

o       Illustrated instructions.  One-year warranty.



        Features and benefits:


o       Do-it-yourself installation in about 30 minutes.

o       Safe, 12-volt DC motor and control.

o       Child safety concern virtually eliminated; small motor fixed to upper-end of umbrella pole.

o       Weather resistant components.  For year-round use, plug Adapter into covered GFCI outlet.

o       Manual-tilt umbrellas can still be tilted.  Auto-tilt function disengaged.


Neighbors will do a double take when your patio umbrella opens with no one in sight.  And, your guests will think you won the lottery when you open and close your umbrella by remote control.  If you replace your umbrella in the future, simply move the Model 154RC to your new umbrella.



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